Marbore II Turbojet engine

Stan Laurell and Oliver hardy were Marbore test technicians you know

The Marbore II engine is an early Turbojet engine manufactured by Turb

This Particular engine I purchased from the US approximately a year to 18 months ago having been seeking a decent one of reasonable cost for a great deal of time. It eventually arrived and was put straight into storage as I am currently away from the UK.

Below, prior to leaving for the Uk

Below, the first glimpse of her in the flesh

Below, she was bigger than any of us expected......Damn!

Below, In the Garage with the exhaust unit installed.
Thoughts at the mo are to get her running and sell her, or
maybe a tripple Marbore powered Kart? (which will probably
weigh about as much as the moon).

Unfortunately having wanted a Marbore for as long as I can remember I have lost a bit of interest with it now. It is a big lump and for the low thrust output is not really of any use in any projet which I have the time to build now. I have therefore decided to sell her on. After some suprising and frantic ebay bidding she went to a nice chap in OZ who has a fantastic project lined up for her. I will derive my enjoyment of this engine now by seeing it run by someone else. As much of a shame as it is to se it go I am heartened by the fact that another enthusiast has purchased her and that I will at last get to see it alive.

I must Extend my most scincere thanks to Glen Pac (Southern) ltd and DSV Freight for their top quality and excelent value service for export packaging and freight which was acomplished by correspondance over 6000 miles without a single hiccup of any description.

Below, Engine and exhuast unit along with spares (tucked up the exhaust unit) export packed and nearly ready to go.

As sad as I am to see it depart, my not having ever actually done anything with it makes this the first engine that I have ever owned that has not drawn blood!!










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